Dellner Polymer Solutions provides technologically advanced vibration control, rubber fabrication and bonding solutions for a global market.

Technical innovation is integral to our DNA. With over 150 years’ experience under our belts, our expert engineers work in close partnership to overcome not just today’s challenges, but tomorrow’s too. We use our engineering expertise to develop bespoke solutions for our customers on a day-to-day basis.

We work closely alongside UK-based glass manufacturer Dellner Romag Ltd, supplying vibration control, polymer and glazing solutions as a single, integrated package, particularly within the rail industry. Other key sectors for Dellner Polymer Solutions are off highway, defence, industrial (including oil, gas, power generation, mining, chemical processing and furniture) and marine.

Vibration control

We are specialists in vibration control and energy management. So, when vibration is a challenge, we can help. We lead the way in smart technologies that not only control vibration for reliability and comfort, but also harness that energy to help you improve system performance, extend system life and drive down costs.

Polymer engineering

We are at the forefront of polymer technology – designing, manufacturing and delivering innovative, flexible solutions for some of the world’s most challenging and demanding environments. We are experts in the processing and fabrication of engineered textile laminates, and most of our solutions are custom designed to meet our customers’ bespoke requirements.